Text a Tip


The Grove City Division of Police has partnered with the Central Ohio Crime Stoppers organization and the South-Western City School District to produce an anonymous text tip line to aid crime prevention efforts. It is 100% anonymous, and provides our school community with another outlet to report crime, safety issues and bullying. While Text-A-Tip is not intended to replace talking directly to law enforcement or school staff, it does give you an alternative way to stand up and speak out.  If there is an emergency or something that would prompt you to call 911, call 911 immediately.  If the tip does not deal with an immediate threat of harm to you, the school or someone else, then the tip line may be appropriate if an adult is not available.

Using Text-a-Tip for Safety
Students may use the Text-a-Tip service if they know of threats of violence directed towards students and staff members, or the school community in general.  Students can report incidents of bullying, harassment and intimidation.  The service can be used to report crimes such as vandalism, graffiti, thefts, and drugs being sold or used in or around the school.

Using Text-a-Tip for Well-Being
Different circumstances may put our students at risk.  Some of our students may be in emotional stress or suffering from depression / anxiety.  A student may be self destructive.  Students may be victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, or other forms of abuse.  

Remember: Always try to alert an adult or authority first! The tip line is appropriate if an adult is not available.

How to text a tip:
  1. Open your cell phone’s text message window
  2. In the “to” window, type 274637 (CRIMES)
  3. In the message window, type the keyword (CCHS, FHHS, GCHS, WHS) then the actual tip. Do NOT include your contact information if you want to remain anonymous
  4. Hit SEND. You will receive a confirmation text with your control number.
The tip is then submitted to Crime Stoppers and filtered to law enforcement and the proper resource officer. These personnel will investigate each received tip to obtain additional information.