Central Crossing High School is a member of the Ohio High School Athletic Association.  The OHSAA is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to supervise and administer interscholastic athletic competition among its member schools to the end that the interscholastic program should become an integral part of the total educational program of the school.  To that end, the OHSAA through its Commissioners and the State Athletic Board of Control develops rules and guidelines within which to operate and serve the many youths of the state of Ohio.  As a member, Central Crossing High School agrees to abide by and cooperate with all rules and regulations of the OHSAA.

Central Crossing High School is one of 32 schools in the Ohio Capital Conference and as members, we agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the conference.  It has as its primary purpose to promote clean, wholesome athletics, good citizenship and good sportsmanship, and foster competitive rivalries through an effective league organization within a workable set of rules and regulations which work to insure a strong and effective athletic conference.

There are four divisions within the OCC -- the Ohio, Central, Cardinal and Capital Divisions. Below is an outline of how the divisions are currently aligned: