Parent/Teacher Conferences

In order to schedule a conference click on the teacher's name below to access the Google Calendar, find Thursday, October 14th on the calendar, and select an available appointment. In the description, please type the name of the student and adult attending the conference. Also include in the comments if you plan to attend the conference in person or virtually.

Para programar una conferencia, haga clic en el calendario del maestro, busque el jueves 14 de octubre en el calendario y seleccione una cita disponible. En la descripción, escriba el nombre del estudiante y del adulto que asistirá a la conferencia. También incluya en los comentarios si planea asistir a la conferencia en persona o virtualmente.

Department/Teacher Name


Amy Emmelhainz - Please email Ms. Emmelhainz at and she will contact you

Michelle Gase

Sarah Will

Career Technical/Business:

Renee Bowers

Madeline Cole

Ray Preece

Clint Rardon - Please email Mr. Rardon at and he will contact you.

Scott Todd

Trevor White (CBI)

Mark Killoran (ALC) - Please email Mr. Killoran at for an appointment.


Heather Barnes

Abigail Bocook

Nneka Bonds

Elizabeth Conti

Tiffany Fuller - Please email Ms. Fuller at She is unavailable on Thursday, Oct 14th.

Larisa Mooney

George Mussi

Valerie Mussi

Christen Nohra

Dana Ogrodowski (ALC) - Please email Ms. O at for an appointment

Eric Osborne

Diane Savage

Nathan Weaver/Breithaupt

Health & P.E

Jodi Praete (Brown)

Autumn DeRubertis - Please email Ms. DeRubertis at She is unavailable on Thursday, Oct 14th.

Justin Prati

Jamie Ramirez - Please email Mr. Ramirez at He is unavailable on Thursday October 14th.

Family Consumer Science:

Daphne Hedgecock

Kailee Kowalski

Foreign Language:

Cassie Bosworth (French)

Uzma Khan (French)

April Bryant (Spanish)

Shawn Martin (Spanish)

Jessica Rhoades (Spanish)

Nicolette Leon (Spanish)


Emily Butson

Rebecca Delozier

Emily Erickson

Danielle Flint

Lori Francescon

Kristy Halleck

Jennifer Orr

Adrie Rodenburgh

Meredith Shifley

Christina Sintz

Jared Tiech

Katie Yake


Jeff Blume

Eric Hubbell

Philip Showalter

Jessica McDevitt


Commander Dave Lundquist

Senior Chief Lance Brownfield


Dr. Audrey Birkhold

Michelle Boggs

Bill Christman

Nicole Crisafulli

Christy Freeman

Allison King

Kylee Huff Please email Ms. Huff at She is unavailable on Thursday October 14th.

Jill Jacobs

Elyssa Krivicich

Michele Paduchik (Engineering)

Tanner Poage

Emily Risser

Social Studies:

Michael Cavey

Allison Hoffner

Brittany Farrell

Melissa Fischer

Chris Harr

Julie Hensley

Michael Hoffman

Kyle Krawczyk

Jason Newsome

Kim Ray

Stephen White

Special Education:

Bart Andrews

Melissa Blythe

Jennifer Bendure

Sherry Clark (Work Study)

Amanda Corbett

Justin Gottshall

Neil Hohman

Devin Jackson

Laura Kaulen

Kate Leonard

Lucas Oman

Dusty Rhodes

Pam Weiss

Amy Williams

Thomas Wiseman

School Counselors:

Heather Fairs - last names A-D

Rachel Rendle- last names E-Le

Christa Russell- last names Li-Ri

Amy Schuh- last names Ro-Z

Media Center Specialist:

Alexis Keck